First blog post

Taking care of my Mom’s estate has been a real adventure!

When Mom & Dad asked me to be the administrator of their estate I said “sure”. They had wills, everything was set out very clearly. How bad could it be? Well, now I know. From cleaning out her large house, filled from the 53 years she & Dad had lived there, to this blog today, it has been an adventure. The estate part was challenging and very educational. but in retrospect, not all that bad. The real problem, and challenge, and adventure, is “what do I do with all this stuff”?

I remember about 6 years ago, Mom & Dad began asking “Who is going to want all these things”? I always raised my hand. But when we started cleaning out the house box by box and piece by piece, I began to really understand the question.

As I have talked to others, mostly friends who are now beginning to experience the same question about either their folks things, or their own things, I have discovered that none of us know what to do!

To me, it seems so sad that we have all these things, beautiful things, precious things, things our parents, or siblings, loved, but now, no one really wants them. We don’t have room for them. We don’t have the same tastes. We have too much of our own loved stuff. It’s sad to just throw them away. There is a tiny bit of guilt for me to think about trying to sell them. So what does one do??

We donated lots and lots of things – furniture, books, personal notes, clothes, things that were not quite so “precious”. Now, we are going through the special things. I started with the biggest collection – her dolls. She loved her dolls! They brought her great joy. She started collecting in about 1942. She died in 2016. Long time, Big collection!

I know I’m not the first or only to go through this wonderful time. I welcome comments and thoughts, suggestions and ideas. What did you do?